• Q = By what authority do you give advice?
    A = By the authority of our own Hubris.
  • Q = Are there some philosophical guidelines by which you formulate answers to your readers' questions?
    A = The wisdom of an imagined past. A time when most people were good and pure. In short the good old days.
  • Q = What is the difference between AnswerGate.com and the other advice columns that can be found online or in newspapers like Dear Prudence, Savage-love, Miss Manners, Dear Abby, Heloise, or Carolyn Hax?
    A = Those advice columnists are horrible people. It would be one thing if the were simply in it for the money. Not only are they in it for the money, but they are sadists that enjoy giving people the wrong information and destroying lives. The Constitution prevents authorities from taking appropriate action to stop them.
  • Q = I work at a factory that extracts oil from cotton seeds. First, the seeds are pressed to extract the oil. Then the seeds are ground and soaked in hexain to remove the remaining oil. Will reading AnswerGate.com be of benefit to me?
    A = Yes.
  • Q = In 2003 my older sister got a DUI, in 2011 my younger brother got a DUI. Will reading AnswerGate.com be helpful to me?
    A = Yes.
  • Q = I just learned that it was Benjamin Franklin who introduced tofu to the the USA. Should I read AnswerGate.com?
    A = Yes
  • Q = I recently moved into an apartment. In the closet was a box of about 50 golf balls. I showed it to the building manager, she called the previous tenant about it. He called me and said I should just throw them away. Should I be reading AnswerGate.com?
    A = Yes.
  • Q = Why was Ansewergate.com started?
    A = To move human civilization forward.
  • Q = What is the difference between Answergate.com and the other internet advice columns out there?
    A = Ansewergate.com is good and the others are bad. Plus we care.
  • Q = How do you arrive at your answers to readers' questions
    A = Advance methods.
  • Q = Why have I not heard of Ansewergate.com before?
    A = The media is against us.
  • Q = Have you ever received a question you could not answer?
    A = No. But it could happen. Part of why we are better than the other internet advice columns is we know our limitations.
  • Q = Should I read AnswerGate.com or watch stuff on YouTube.
    A = Depends on what you are going to watch on YouTube.
  • Q = Should I read AnswerGate.com or go out to dinner with my friends?
    A = Go to dinner unless they are going to Olive Garden.